There is a table. I am seated, maybe hovering. I am a locus of small events, repeated actions, all concepts contingent, unfolding. The tabletop is even, stable and continuously alterable. The room itself contains and shelters. Included are my first sights, remnants of all the houses I’ve ever lived in, dreamed of, or escaped. These live beside reams of drawn dots, piles of constructions, found scraps, pieces of a practice. Light arranges itself, shifts, fetching darkness, stacking near formless replicas, the enduring connections of then and now. 

Lydia Diemer creates drawings, prints, and installations that explore the entanglement of humans and non-humans at the peripheries of built space. Proposing an attentiveness to what is overlooked and abandoned, she places detritus, organic matter, and facsimiles of quotidian forms into visual dialogue. Circuits of production and transformation, from raw material to façade to rubble, trail through her observations and vignettes of ecological networks and pliable memories of the future. She currently lives and works in Iowa City, IA.

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